Dr. Arne JachensDr. Arne Jachens


The last version 1.6 of openzwave is from 2019.
Therefore, I moved to Zwavejs2Mqtt.


To have a z-wave master, I installed Zwavejs2Mqtt.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade --fix-missing

  1. wavejs2mqtt-snap-package

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install snapd
    sudo reboot
    sudo snap install core
    sudo snap install snapd
    sudo snap install zwavejs2mqtt

    You will find it in /snap/zwavejs2mqtt/

  2. Set some access configuration:
    sudo snap connect zwavejs2mqtt:raw-usb
    sudo snap connect zwavejs2mqtt:hardware-observe

    sudo snap set system experimental.hotplug=true
    sudo systemctl restart snapd
    snap interface serial-port
    sudo snap connect zwavejs2mqtt:serial-port

    sudo snap set zwavejs2mqtt server.host=""
    sudo snap set zwavejs2mqtt server.port=8091
  3. Check whether everything runs fine:
    sudo run zwavejs2mqtt.exec

    I had to encounter:
    cannot mount bpf filesystem under /sys/fs/bpf: No such file or directory.

    sudo snap restart zwavejs2mqtt
    Show GUI in a browser:
    dillo http://localhost:8091
  4. Finaly create a deamon:
    sudo zwavejs2mqtt.daemonize
    And watch the log:
    sudo snap logs zwavejs2mqtt -f

z-wave USB Stick UZB

Plug your UZB into the USB slot. It will light up shortly, and then it stais sleeping, until you"ll use it.

For connection find its ID by:
ls /dev/serial/by-id/


Remote Control ZME_KFOB_S

I had major problems to include the KFOB remote control -- and that was mainly due to timing issues:

Roller Shutter FIB_FGRM-222

FIBARO Roller Shutter 2