Dr. Arne Jachens

Veröffentlichungen, Konferenzen

  • Sensor fusion for dynamic high-resolution lighting,
    M. Austerer, M. Rosenauer, A. Jachens
    ISAL 2019
  • AR Head-Up Display, System Requirements and Solutions Concerning Precise Augmentation,
    Y. Teng, A. Jachens, M. Zühlsdorf, H. B. Abel
    JSAE Paper Number: 20195064 May, 2019 Issued No.13-19
  • Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, System requirements and solutions concerning precise augmentation of information within the road scene
    Dr. A. Jachens, Dr. M. Zühlsdorf, Dr. T.A. Kern and Dr. H. Abel
    Proceedings of the 18. International Congress Electronics in Vehicles (ELIV) 2017, VDI Verlag GmbH, Düsseldorf (2017).
    Audience Choice Award - Best Speaker
  • Energy and Comfort - Model for Automobile Interior Spaces
    D. Müller, R. Streblow, B. Flieger and A. Jachens
    ATZ 11, 822-828 (2011).
  • Optimization of Vehicle Models Based on Test Drive Data
    A. Jachens
    Continental SW Conference, Vortrag (2011).
  • Energy and Comfort Model for Automobile Interior Spaces
    B. Flieger, R. Streblow, D. Müller, A. Jachens
    Proceedings of Roomvent 2011 (2011).